Under present political scenario, will the federal front becomes reality?

People's Opinion: 

KCR's Third Front is another drama to fool people again

C.M. K.C.R’s Third Front is a mere drama to fool the people of Telangana once again. He talks more and does nothing. More than 1000 students have laid their lives for securing Telangana. The TRS chief had fooled the students, the SCs and STs by promising jobs, reservations, free K.G. to P.G education, Irrigation water etc. But even after 4 years have passed not a single promise has been full filled. During Telangana agitation Osmanai University students played a Key role, but what is the situation today. KCR fears even to enter into OU. 

Even though he says that his idea to float the Third front by taking likeminded parties across the various states to protect the rights of state governments ‘it is only a farce. Central government as planned does its allocation to the states as per needs and requirements. All the governments will be treated equally and accordingly funds will be released. Even if the Third front is formed, it does not mean once it comes to power will release funds as it likes to Telangana. It will have to follow certain rules and regulations. 

Hence, KCR’s plans are only to fool the people and divert them from the present problems and bring his son into fray to take the mantle as the CM in the next elections.

--M. Mattaiah Goud, TMASS, President Achampet mandal from Nagarkurnool 

KCR's /Third Front is a Gimmick to divert people's attention from his failures 

K. Chandrasekhar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana, has failed to deliver on all fronts. Not a single promise he had made during his elections had been successfully implemented 100 per cent.  To cover all his failures and to divert the attention of the people of Telangana now he has brought in a new plan ‘The Third Front’ to float an alternative to NDA and UPA. There are as part of his ‘Gimmicks to divert attention of the people and a poly to bring his son K.T.R in the fray to make him the next CM to succeed. 

KCR is running ‘Zhutoka dukan and Loteroka Makan’. As the CM has realized that his TRS tent will soon collapse is now playing the game of Third Front.

Even if it is formed it will not sustain at the National level and will collopase as has been seen even in earlier instances, where no Third Front in the country could hold its stand for long.

--Nagu Rao Namaji, State Swatch Bharat Chairman, Narayanpet, Mahabubnagar

May be a good decision to float Third Front, but KCR must focus on Telangana First

Though the concept thrown by K.C.R to float a third front (Federal Front) as an alternative to NDA and UPA is viewed an intelligent step, to shape this as a successful alternative is not practical at this juncture as it will take a long time to shape it as an alternative at a National level. 

However, though there is a need for a Third Front at the National level, KCR has his own prioritities in Telangana and he has to meet his goal in the state before plunging into National Politics. Otherwise he would lose the confidence of people of Telangana. 

It is high time the CM completes his mega projects in the state first or else he will lose people's confidence in the state. My opinion is that instead of foraying into to national politics, KCR must stand in the state and keep up his promise of turning Telangana into a Golden Telangana. 

-- Palla Venkat Ramulu, a citizen from Narayanpet, Mahabubnagar