Renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon Recommends Partial Knee Replacement as Weekend Surgery, ensuring more natural movement of knee joint

Hyderabad 17th August 2017: Increasing patient awareness about various joint pain relief alternatives and demand for minimally invasive surgeries, has led to the rise of partial knee replacement surgeries in India. Dr. Neelam V Ramana Reddy, Orthopedics Specialist at Star Hospitals, Hyderabad, and one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the country, strongly recommends partial knee replacement as a bone-conserving joint replacement surgery, for patients suffering from early osteoarthritis/ unicompartmental osteoarthritis, where only one of the knee compartments is affected.

According to Dr. Ramana Reddy, the key benefits for patients from partial knee replacement are:

  • Preservation of all ligaments as none of the ligaments of the knee joint are released during surgery
  • More natural movement of knee joint than a total knee replacement surgery
  • Natural movement enables patients to kneel, squat or sit cross-legged, which are difficult to achieve with total knee replacement
  • Done “WEEKEND Surgery”, where patient gets admitted on Saturday morning, undergoes surgery on same day and is discharged on Sunday evening. This also allows patients to be able to walk within 6 hours of undergoing surgery.
  • Minimal invasion and pain for patients, also ensuring faster rehabilitation

However, Dr. Ramana Reddy cautions that there are many factors to consider while choosing the right treatment for knee arthritis, such as age, bone density, and shape of the knee joint of the patient.

Dr. Phil Hirst, a leading orthopedic surgeon from Manchester, United Kingdom, and one of the pioneers in the advancement of partial knee replacement surgery, recently visited Star Hospital to engage in a knowledge sharing session with Dr. Ramana Reddy on this issue. He elaborated on some of the technical improvements that have been made in products for partial knee replacement, such as the following:

  • Fixed bearing knee technology that prevents motion in multiple directions or spin-off, which is seen in the case of mobile- bearing technology. This helps in reducing wear rate and increasing life of implant.
  • Additional patellofemoral joint that can reduce patellar pain during movement
  • Option to replace both medial and lateral compartments of the knee, as opposed to some products that only address osteoarthritis in the medial compartment
  • Highly polished Cobalt Chrome material which provides optimal bearing material and reduces wear

Therefore, depending upon the degree of arthritic damage, partial knee replacement proves to be a more suitable option for patients seeking more natural knee movement, bone preservation, faster recovery and better pain relief.